30% Of Americans Are Obese

Getting a lap band surgery has proven to be the answer to the weight question that many Americans are faced with. Research has shown that 30% of Americans are obese and this can be partly attributed to the fact that most people cannot keep up with the demands of going to the gym, jogging, taking morning walks and dieting. Lap bands have been proven to be very efficient, safe and effective in managing obesity and getting rid of excessive weight. Obesity is caused by among other things excessive eating and it is in recognition of this fact that scientists developed the lap band.

A lap band is a material made of silicon, it is doughnut-shaped and it is wrapped around the stomach to help in the regulation of food that goes into the stomach. Unlike dieting which can leave a person feeling strained and unsatisfied with food, a lap band constricts the stomach and regulates food in a manner that allows signals of satisfaction to be sent to the brain even when the food intake is below the normal amount consumed by an obese person and within the recommended daily intake range. By controlling the amount of food intake, one can be able to drastically reduce any weight above the recommended weight and therefore successfully fight obesity. Lap band surgery is minimally invasive and our facilities have highly skilled surgeons with the necessary expertise to carry out the procedure with minimal risk and within a strict budget.

Studies have shown that an obese person spends an additional $1,500-$3000 more on health-related matters per annum because of their weight. A lap band is therefore the perfect answer to this because it can be done just once and it can help an individual to get back in shape and have the recommended weight and BMI (Body Mass Index). In addition to our exemplary service delivery in the theatre, we also take utmost care for our patients and we offer them consultations for free.

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands because we are a fully accredited lap band surgery institution with state of the art facilities to make our treatments meet the highest standards. There are a couple of things that you need to know about having a lap band surgery such as your health status and your ability to demonstrate that you can stand an invasive item in your body and adhere to the set guidelines for use. Our surgeons are always ready to help by addressing any concerns that you might have concerning the process. You can also get to learn more about us on http://www.lapbandsurgeryla.com/